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Crystal Kingdom- Excerpt

July 22nd, 2015 by
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Cover - (Kanin #3) Crystal Kingdom

It’s less than two weeks until Crystal Kingdom comes out, and today I’m posting the final chapter in from the excerpt. The first two chapters of the book – “Friends & Enemeies” and “Tracking” – are already available at Wattpad.

Remember: If you have not read Frostfire or Ice Kissed yet, there will be plenty of spoilers in the first few chapters of Crystal Kingdom, so read it at your own risk.

To start reading chapter two “Ember” now, please visit: here.

To check out Crystal Kingdom at Wattpad and all the chapters available, please visit: here.

If you haven’t preordered Crystal Kingdom yet, and you’d like to, here are some ways you can do it:

iBookstore – for ebook 
Barnes & Noble – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Amazon – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Indiebound – for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Powell’s– for paperback
Books-a-Million– for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Booktopia (Australia) – for paperback 
Waterstones (UK) – for paperback

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