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Coolest. Thing. EVER.

March 29th, 2011 by
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If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of blink 182 and Mark Hoppus. I also really enjoy helping out people whenever I can. So a few weeks ago, when Mark Hoppus started putting blink 182 paraphernalia up on ebay to raise money for the Red Cross efforts in Japan, I was like, “I’m in.”

I bid on and eventually won the orange shirt he wore in the music video for “Dammit.” As seen in the video below:

Naturally, I was excited enough by that. “Dammit” was the first song I heard by blink way back in the day, and I still think it’s a fun song.

The shirt came today, and it’s awesome, and I’m excited. But along with the shirt, there were a couple blink 182 stickers, and  a hand written letter from Mark Hoppus.

Since I saw it, I have shouted “It’s the coolest thing ever!” no less than 15 times, because it is in fact, the coolest thing ever.

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  • Anonymous says:

    He does this a lot.

    He used to troll agents’ blogs, until they started moderating their comments and he couldn’t sneak them in. So, for a while he was waving a banner declaring himself stifled by agents who wanted to silence his voice!

    He used to troll writers’ forums, until his behavior there went off the rails, too, and he tried crying censorship again.

    At AW, where he was a troll under different user-names (always with a photo of himself for an avatar, though) he belittled anyone who refused to herald the rise of the self-published e-book author as inevitable state of the system in something like 3 years, 5 years, some ridiculous number anyway.

    And now he’s doing it here, pretending to be here against his will when he’s the only one who could have put himself here or posted his comment.

    It’s what he does. He wants very much to be a big man with big opinions and a big audience, but all he can manage is having a big mouth that no one wants to listen to. So he cries that others are against him.

    It’s all he can do. Stand on his soap box, and wave his flag, long after the crowds have left and there’s no one around to hear him work himself into a frenzy.

    I hate to say it, but as I’ve been on the other blogs and forums where he’s done this sort of thing before, the only way to make this stop may be to not only lock this thread, but cut the comments on “moderated” until he finds somewhere else to play.

    This is just one of the comment threads he hijacked.

    Take a peek at “Gordon Jerome”, his previous username.

    Eventually, the agent (who is a lovely woman with a great deal of patience) had to lock enable comment moderation because he was jumping on her posters.

  • Kaitlin says:

    AAAH so jealous!!! That IS the coolest thing EVER!!

  • Anonymous says:

    You really are a piece of work. Seek help. You have a problem.

  • Every single time I start to wonder if I should turn off comment moderation on my blog, something like this comes up, and I go “Oh, now I remember! That’s why not.”

  • esmeraldamac says:

    Excellent on the shirt – enjoy!

    …and CLASSY response to you-know-who…

  • lifebook says:

    Thank you, keep on doing what you do! and, as Anonymous said, ignore the idiot(s)