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May 17th, 2010 by
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So, because of some confusion with the giveaway, I’m clarifying one point: 

#2. To enter: Simply comment on this blog, saying that you want to be entered in for the give away. If you have read the series, please also say your favorite character(s). If you haven’t read it, I’m not holding it against you, and still free to enter. 🙂

In fact, I strongly encourage you to enter if you haven’t read the books!! 

For more information on the giveaway and what you can win, please see my last post. And remember, it goes until May 29th, and if you have a friend enter, you earn a BONUS entry for yourself! Spread the word, yo!
Also, later on this week or possibly early next week, I’ll post an interview with another author. (Me interviewing – them interviewee.) But you should definitely check it out, and I’ll keep you posted on the details.  

For Flutter fun facts, I’m posting the soundtrack to it (or at least the one I would make for it, if it were a film, and I got to have control over that sort of thing).

1. Robert Palmer – “Addicted to Love”
2. Oingo Boingo – “Stay”
3. Flaming Lips – “Can’t Get You Outta My Head”
4. Peter Bjorn & John – “Nothing to Worry About”
5. Panic! at the Disco – “Lying is the Most Fun”
6. Keane – “With or Without You”
7. Shiny Toy Guns – “Major Tom”
8. Lady Gaga – “Paparazzi” (although Greyson Chance does a better version)
9. Imogen Heap – “The Walk”
10. Bats For Lashes – “What’s a Girl to Do?”
11. Rogue Wave – “Maps”

12. Passion Pit – “Moth Wings”
13. The Matches – “Barber’s Unhappiness”
14. blink 182 – “Lost Without You”
15. Foo Fighters – “Tired of You”
16. Rachel Sage – “Vertigo”
17. Billy Corgan ft. Robert Smith – “ToLoveSomebody”

Okay, it’s a little long for a soundtrack, but I couldn’t cut it down any shorter. Really. Also, you can tell my immense love of covers by the amount I have on there. (Four, not counting my plug for Greyson Chance.)

But I also think the soundtrack tells a story that goes along with Flutter. Honest. 

If my soundtrack seems a little pretentious and indie to you, I’ve noticed that myself. It should be noted that the CD’s in my 6-disc-changer in my car are: blink 182, Fallout Boy, Cobra Starship, Lonely Island, Motion City Soundtrack, and Lady Gaga. So I guess I’m only pretentious when I’m writing. 

And don’t forget to enter for the giveaway if you haven’t yet! 

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