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books – and most of them aren’t mine

June 28th, 2010 by
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Hello everyone!

Here’s a quick few tidbits:

Stacey Wallace Benefiel author of the young adult paranormal romance Glimpse – posted an interview with me a few days back, and I, in my silliness, forgot to mention it here. So here’s a link to the interview & her review of My Blood Approves: here

(Sidenote: In response to the question “Who is your favorite literary character of all time?” I forgot to include Falstaff on my list.)

Also, on Tuesday this week I’ll be posting my interview with her (wherein, I ask her questions) and the review of her book Glimpse. Hint: It’s pretty awesome. 

In a related note, she’s super nice and her book is really good, so if you haven’t bought it – why not? Go buy it. 

Also, here’s a funtastic review at Paranormal Romance Addicts. Here’s a fun fact: In my comment to the review, wherein I say thanks, I spelled my own name wrong. I need an editor any time I write anything.

I was gonna post my reading-list of books I’m going to read, but it’s late, I’m sweaty, and tired. So I’m just doing a quick post, and I’ll go more indepth later on. 

The Weight of Blood by David Dalglish Its a high-fantasy about half-orc brothers, which I’m normally not into, but it’s supposed to be dark, and David is hilarious, so I figure his books can’t be bad.  

The Undying by Ronnell D. Porter The cover is fabulous, the description is way interesting, and the trailer is magical. Plus, Ronnell is fantastic, and the sample of it I already read is good. It reminds me of something, and I’m thinking that something is The Storytellers miniseries by Jim Henson (which is brilliant and underrated.) Something about the writing style of it reminds me of how the storyteller would tell the stories. 

33 A.D. by David McAfee. Vampires plot to assassinate Jesus. It’s almost too awesome to be true. 

There’s about a million more that I should mention and I should read, but again, I’m sweaty and tired. 

I’m also enjoy how I can find a way to plug Jim Henson no matter what it is I’m talking about.

Oh! And in one last minute vent – they’re remaking Edward Scissorhands!? I watched it this weekend, thinking how it was a perfect, magical, wonderous masterpiece with the single greatest soundtrack of all time. There is NO NEED to remake perfection! 

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