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August 19th, 2010 by
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Okay, I’m taking a break from plugging my book (Wisdom – out Sunday) and reminding you to enter the giveaway (it’s four books – enter here) to talk about something even more important.

Mark Hoppus.

You may know him as the bass player from blink 182, but probably, you don’t know him at all. At any rate – he’s my all time favorite person that I’ve never actually met. Mark Hoppus has a show premiering on Fuse September 16.

It’s absolutely vital that everyone watches it. It cannot get canceled. I still wake up pissed off that Law & Order got canceled, and I like Mark Hoppus way more than I like Law & Order. (But my god – the show was on 20 years and they couldn’t even give it a proper goodbye? Oooo I hate you, NBC.)

But back on track. Here’s another fun story. Last year, I got a haircut, and it looked kinda nice. But when I woke up one morning, with my hair sticking up, I realized I had the exact same haircut as Mark Hoppus.

For your viewing pleasure:

Here’s a fun promo video with Mark Hoppus to compare the hair (and also for you to watch and get excited to watch A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus airing on Fuse September 16 at 7/6 C. Check your local listings.)

Also, this one:

And one more for good measure:

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