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June 6th, 2010 by
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I’ve added soundtrack links for my books under the My Books tab. Instead of just a list, it actually has the songs so you can hear them. I enjoy music, and I enjoy sharing. So there.

To check it out, click here: My Blood Approves soundtrack, Fate soundtrack, and Flutter soundtrack.

Also, the contest is still going on at Rex Robot Reviews. I know I said was going to have a contest when I sold a thousand books, but because she has one going on, I don’t want to conflict with that. 
I’ll figure something out later to celebrate when I sell 1,000 of My Blood Approves.
And if you haven’t read Rex Robot Reviews wonderful review of My Blood Approves, read here.  
Here’s a quick excerpt of my favorite part: “So we’ve got a cute, fresh take on the vampire bloodlines aspect of the story. If you like vampires and young adult novels- check this book out! Amanda is definitely an author to watch out for.”

Victorine Lieske, author of Not What She Seems, did a really interesting post where she talks to indie authors about the successes they’re having. I gave some input, as well did a lot of great authors, so you should check it out. 

I’m currently reading Portal by Imogen Rose, and it’s fantastic. I’ll be doing an interview and review on her book later this month, and she has a sequel coming out sometime around the end of June, I believe.  

And on one final nice note, check out my domination of the Hot Releases category on Kindle:


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