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May 26th, 2010 by
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Sorry for my absence. I had a long wonderful weekend (where I went canoeing and watched Flash Gordon). It’s currently about 110 degrees in my office, so trust me when I say I’m suffering to write this for you.

It’s less than 36 hours until the giveaway ends and the winner is picked. You get all three books in the series, including Flutter, which comes out this Saturday!!!

For any of you that do buy a paperback copy, if you want, you can send it to me and I’ll autograph it. Just for fun. (Buy paperbacks of My Blood Approves and Fate.)

Also, I do have a poll so you can vote on what book you want me to publish next. The fourth book in the My Blood Approves series will be out in August 2010, but I’m planning on publishing another book in September or October, and I want to know what you all would like to read the most.

For today’s fun fact about the series: I just realized the other day that Violet (introduced to you in Fate) has Sheri Moon’s laugh. But it was one of those things I didn’t do on purpose. Only in retrospect. I heard her laugh, and I was like “That’s it! Exactly!”

(Sheri Moon is the wife of Rob Zombie. I’m a secret White Zombie fan, but come on, More Human Than Human is brilliant. And it’s based on Blade Runner! So cool!)

I just learned that Rob Zombie is a vegetarian, which seems odd, but helps embolden my current decision to become one. I haven’t eaten meat in 2 days, and so far, it’s going well. 

Anyway – I tried to find a clip of Sheri Moon laughing, but they were all from House of 1000 Corpses and featured horrendous things, so… you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or get rent something Rob Zombie directed. 
For my big plans the rest of this week, other than promoting my soon-to-be-hit novel Flutter, I’m going to force my assistant to watch Jaws: The Revenge because it’s the worst film ever made (and stars Michael Caine – gasp!).

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  • menwa says:

    im dying to read my blood approves, but i cant seem to find it, i just finsihed reading the switched series, ohhh did i just love itm the ending of ascend was just perfect! 🙂