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a Lady Day, a Soul Circle, a review, Pee Wee, and a big red Icee

April 20th, 2010 by
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I had a Lady Day today with girls from work, and I got to pretend that I was Carrie from the Sex in the City. (They were Miranda & Charlotte.) I got my haircut and my nails did for the very first time! They’re a deep red, almost black, and they make me feel like a vampire. Rawr!

My book is now listed on the Soul Circle website. For those of you unfamiliar, its a sister site to the Paranormal Romance Guild, and it has links to all sorts of really great paranormal books. So you should check it out!

Also, on Amazon today I got a glowing, unsolicited review and it truly made my day! Click here to read it and see how exciting it it is!

Tomorrow I’m working on my house (we’re putting a new floor in.) It’s black & white checked, and the walls are teal. Its starting to feel very much like Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and I sorta dig it. My platonic life-mate/roommate Eric says that he thinks this is how Tim Burton’s house looks. Only, you know, less mansion-y.

So, I’m gonna try to finish up some edits on Fate so I can get that published soon, and then go to bed at a relatively decent hour.

But what I wish for most in the world is a giant red Icee. That’d be sooooo good right about now.

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