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a day that will live in infamy

July 28th, 2010 by
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Guys, Blade Runner is a really good movie.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Stephen King sold Carrie when he was 26-years-old. Because of this random fact, 26 has been the bar that I measured success by. I had to be a real writer by the time I was 26 or it meant I would never be a real writer. That’s what I said inside my head.

I’m 26 now. As of today, July 28, 2010, I’ve sold over 10,000 books.

No, my writing career has not been how I pictured it when I was a kid. But in some ways, it’s a lot better.

I’m not saying I’m better than Stephen King. He’s clearly a better writer and has more success than I can ever hope to achieve. I’m never actually going to compete with him, not in any real way. But this was never about being better than him.

But I did reach my goal. I am still reaching it. And that’s pretty amazing.

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  • agyw says:

    weird parallels (from flamingoes to movies to male heart throbs) Sheesh and now the King. He hies from my neck of the woods and I too have weird connections with him. My English teacher in college was Jim Bishop, the one who introduced him to his wife. At the time, King wasn’t considered a great writer, but as a kid I LOVED, him, so to be regaled by stories about him before he hit it big (when he sold The Shining he gave Jim his Old Cadillac). I had a moment when I was wondering why I was doing this (writing/illustrating) thing to my family how selfish! I packed the kids up in the car, it had been a sweltering day and drove to Bridgton Drive-in, with all these turmoiled thoughts and begging the Universe for a sign about why I should or shouldn’t continue. (Went to see Matrix3 and Terminator3, and this year went to see Inception and New Moon/Eclipse double header, so we have it good here in Maine!)Anyhow, I kid you not, I pulled into the double line at the drive-in and looked over. There was the cutest little blue Mercedes convertible and a handsome young man driving with an older fella sitting next to him. It was Owen King. Actually talked to Stephen at the concessionairre stand (they have the best drive-in hotdogs and french fries, don’t tell Prides Corner drive-in). I wanted to suggest said writer/illustrator for a singing position in the Rock Bottom Remainders, but instead just opted for a “hey”. I’m so happy to hear you had such a momentous birthday allbeit belatedly. It’s not often we are handed our life’s wishes.

  • Congratulations! We indie writers are going to start measuring success by using you as the standard model now lol

  • Hazel says:

    Yay! Congrats on reaching your goal and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Hey…remember how I NEVER read entire books? I just read all the books you’ve released for Kindle! So, good job!

  • Jenna Mae says:

    Yes! You are the best – I’d read your books over Stephen King’s any day! Stick to it because dreams can come true! And I wish only the best for you! 😀

  • Yes, you did it–and ARE doing! Congratulations, Amanda. This is a great era to be a writer.

    Scott Nicholson