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A Bit More Clarification..

December 21st, 2010 by
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So yesterday I posted a blog about the release date from Ascend going from “soon” to “I don’t know when.” Thank you to everybody for you comments and support. It really means a lot to me. I felt really bad and nervous about postponing the release, and I’m really appreciate your response. I also understand your frustration over the situation, and I am sorry for that.

There seemed to be some questions, though, and I thought I would clarify a few points.

#1. Ascend will be released. You will be able to read it at some point. I guarantee that. I just don’t the day yet, and I can’t even speculate right now.

#2. Letters to Elise will still be out. I actually uploaded it yesterday morning, so it should be for sale within the next 24-48 hours from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

#3. This does not effect the release of Honalee. I’m currently thinking a late January release, but I will let you know more the closer we get.

Good news to follow on this heals of this: I think I’m going to start outlining a sequel to Hollowland, but I probably won’t be able to start writing it until March.

In January, I’m going to work on cowriting a paranormal romance with David Dalglish, and it sounds like it’s going to be really good. I’ve never cowritten anything before, so I’m not entirely sure how it will work, but I think it will be really fun.

I have three more books I wrote over the past three or four years that I’m going to edit and try to get out over the next six months. One of them is fantasy, but the other two are just young adult.

I’m also working on a fun idea for the sirens novel I’ve been wanting to write for a over a year now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start that this spring. I haven’t gotten everything figured it out with it. But it will be good.

So I have a lot of other projects and stuff coming up. Lots of stuff to keep you busy until Ascend comes out.

Edit: Letters to Elise is now available at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only $.99.

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  • Lauren says:

    I also want to know how to pronounce Trylle. Is it more like “Trill”, or “Trial”? Thanks, love the books!

  • Rebekah Anne says:

    I downloaded the Trylle trilogy to my new Kindle the other day and finished it so fast because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened and I’ve got to say, you are a brilliant writer and I completely adore how the books ended and who Wendy ended up with!! I wish the trilogy wasn’t done just so I could read more about them =) I bought Hollowland today and just finished reading it and I loved it! I’m so glad to see that you’re thinking about doing a sequel! Remy is such a strong and wonderful character and I loved Lazlo! I want to read their happily ever after (well I hope they get one!!) I’m reading your books all the way over in New Zealand, keep up the fabulous work! x

  • Anonymous says:

    I read all of your books in one day!! I have read so many books in my life and that is one of my favorites of all time. Make sure to get it on nook please. Your writing is a real inspiration!

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for Ascend to get out! i’m one of those ppl who stay up all night reading a book. i’m only in high school and my mom is already regretting buying me a nook for christmas! oh well! keep it up. PS. does finn ever have hope? Also, how do you pronounce Trylle?

  • Anonymous says:

    I really want to read Ascend! I just finished reading torn like.. 15 minutes ago on my Nookcolor. I can’t find it at barnes and noble and I would like to know an estimated time when it would be released for the Nook?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your books. I bought Switched 4 days ago to see if it might interest me, I have since read all your books (which took some serious maneuvering since I also chase my one year old around all day, lol). I am so excited for your new projects and will be checking back often to find out release dates. You are an excellent writer and I have been recommending you to all my friends!!!

  • Kristin says:

    It’s probably a good thing that Ascend isn’t coming out right now. I have had a NOOK for 5 days and I have read all your books so far. How could I not when they are such a STEAL! But my husband misses me and I’m worried he’s gonna ban me from my NOOK.

    I am honestly hoping that whatever is going on with the series is that it’s going to be more widely released and that you will stop charging .99 for books!! SERIOUSLY!! You are amazing and people are getting a bargain. Keep up the great work!

  • Hope Welsh says:

    in response to another post–yes, you’re very prolific. NY will love you. Problem with New York is that you write faster than they’ll be able to publish you!

    I bought Hollow today–even though I don’t normally read horror–it’s very well written from what I’ve read so far. Love the lion!

    I will say that you have one up on a few well-known authors I read and have read. You’re able to give each character an individual voice–and not only are you an excellent storyteller–you’re also an excellent writer.

    As most of us know–not all can do both well. I’ve read some really good stories–that were horribly written. And well-written stories that weren’t such great stories; if that makes sense.

    By your picture and blog–I’m guessing you’re very young–which is doubly good, because when you move up–and you will–you’ve got YEARS of publishing ahead of you.

    It’s obvious you’ve got more than one book in you–as I know some publishers worry about when they select authors to add to their houses.

    Can I ask a question? How does having an agent work with an indie author?

  • Hope Welsh says:

    Letters to Elise is out. I bought and read it today–left a review on Amazon, of course.

    My complaint with my sales (which aren’t too shabby on two of my books) is that I’m getting no reviews, sigh.

    So, I’m trying hard to review everything I read.

    I think we all understand about Ascend–just it was expected this month and we anxiously awaited it.

    Don’t you need a new Beta Reader 🙂