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July 3rd, 2012 by
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I am a lame person. Here’s what I did tonight. I bought a ringtone for my phone that sounds like a kitten meowing. I played it many times because it confused my cats a whole bunch. Squeak is currently sitting next to me, meowing because she can’t figure where the kitten is, even though I stopped playing the ringtone like 15 minutes ago.

Squeak is the little tabby, and Nikki is the big fluffy one. My dog Elroy (the big gray butt) is also confused by the noise, but much less bothered than the cats.

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  • Jackie says:

    lol Amanda, this is great! I played your video, and my cat perked up and started looking at me like I was keeping a kitten hostage!

  • Chey says:

    How funny! I started playing your video and my cats got up and started roaming the living room in search of the kitten. Also, awesome heartagram! 🙂

  • Johanna J. says:

    Your kitties are precious!! I love cats so much…!! And here, I can’t have any. I want to pet them for you when you go travel the world…

  • I love cats! Always have. My wife is severely allergic to them so I had to give away my last cat. I guess that means I love her more! I once had a trick trained cat that I trained myself. Nathaniel was great.

  • J.L. Gentry says:

    OMG I was just passing through here and I played your video. My pomeranians went nuts. Then my husband came running out of the bathroom in a towel and started yelling at me for bringing a kitten in the house. ROFL.

  • Stephanie says:

    Those poor, confused cats. I wish I still had a cat to do this sort of stuff to. Good times.

  • Awwww….. My cat was fooled too.

  • areadingblog says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing and giving me a laugh on a miserably hot summer afternoon…

    I enjoy doing this with my three large dogs.. their butts put your grey guy’s butt to shame, actually.. with a barking iphone app. They are FAR worse in terms of behavior when I do that than your furry friends are in this video.

    I sometimes like to imagine what it would be like to:

    1) Get a lot of people and pets together
    2) Lock the door and turn on a night vision camera
    3) Shut off the lights
    4) Set off a bunch of noise-making apps
    5) Unleash a bunch of laser pointers

    I think the only word for it would be PANDEMONIUM!

  • Yep, this got my dogs attention too. haha Love it.

  • KT Howard says:

    That sounds like a very entertaining evening. Plus, you probably got kitty kuddles without having to bribe them.