Amanda Hocking

How long ago did Konstantin Black go on the run from the Kanin?

  • One month
  • Four months
  • Four years
  • One year

What is name of the changeling Bryn is tracking in Chicago?

  • Wendy Everly
  • Charlotte Salin
  • Linus Berling
  • Simon Bohlin

What does Bryn's father do for a living?

  • Baker
  • Chancellor
  • Viceroy
  • Guard

What tribe is Bryn's best friend Ember Holmes originally from?

  • Omte
  • Skojare
  • Vittra
  • Trylle

How is Bryn's mother related to Queen Linnea Biâelse?

  • Distant cousins
  • Sisters
  • Aunt/niece
  • They're not related

The rabbit is the symbol for the Kanin. What is the symbol for the Skojare?

  • A pelican
  • A mermaid
  • A fish
  • A polar bear

A romance between Bryn and Ridley Dresden is forbidden because he is -

  • from another tribe
  • royalty
  • her boss
  • exiled

Bryn is an outcast in the Kanin kingdom because she's of mixed bloodlines. What is her heritage?

  • Half Trylle/Half Kanin
  • Half Kanin/Half Vittra
  • Half Trylle/Half Vittra
  • Half Kanin/Half Skojare

The number one enemy of the Kanin tribe is Viktor Dålig. He escaped before his execution after being convicted of what crimes?

  • Tax fraud
  • Attempting to overthrow the King
  • Stealing from the kingdom
  • Conspiring with an enemy tribe

At the end of Frostfire, who is thought to have been kidnapped or murdered?

  • Linnea Biâelse
  • Linus Berling
  • Mikko Biâelse
  • Ember Holmes